New Hire: Kevin Mercer


What is your official title, and what are some of your general responsibilities?

Construction and Facilities Coordinator. I provide support for the administration and execution of all aspects of construction-related activities associated with the museum’s temporary exhibitions, major permanent collection installations, and special projects.

What were you doing before joining us at CMOA?

I had just finished my graduate degree in drawing and painting at Penn State, where I taught 2-D and 3-D design courses. I was also a wood and metal shop technician at PSU’s School of the Visual Arts.

What’s your favorite exhibition that you saw this past year (at any museum/event)?

The Secret Life of Robots by Toby Atticus Fraley was an amazing show at SPACE here in Pittsburgh. It was extremely funny, sad, and nostalgic. Most works were made from wood and found objects. Also, local artist Tom Sarver had an exhibition called The Occasional Market at 707 Penn Gallery that was very enjoyable and multidisciplinary.

If you could steal one artwork from our collection, what would it be?

I hear we have one of Mike Kelley’s Kandor pieces, so that’s a contender. Well, that, or Serra’s piece out front.

Five things you can’t live without?

Wood, books, Coca-Cola, measuring tape, and paint.

Describe Pittsburgh in five words or less.

What’s with all the bridges?

Favorite hobbies? Or any other projects you’d like to share?

Making art, woodworking, watching old sci-fi movies, and comic books.

  • toby fraley

    I appreciate the kudos Kevin. Glad you liked the exhibit & best of luck at CMOA!