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Culture Club: Flight Out of Time


In the fall of 2012, I met Polish artist Paulina Olowska. She was visiting to plan her 2013 Carnegie International installation for the Carnegie Café—we talked about the beginnings of the Dada movement at the Cabaret Voltaire and her plans to transform the museum café into a cabaret atmosphere. When Olowska later invited me to work on the performance piece for her project (and exhibit a collection of my puppets), I began thinking about creating a show about the ideals of early Dada artists.


It’s difficult to think about the trauma experienced by European artists living during World War I.  What were artists to do at a time when humanity was pushed to the edge, when the reality of war and suffering permeated everyday life? The Cabaret Voltaire was an outlet for artists and intellectuals to express their disgust, their needs, and their aim to redefine art. Today, wars are often managed by drones controlled from locations far from the battlefield. At home we watch football, go to the movies, and get into arguments at the supermarket as wars are being waged halfway around the world. In developing this new puppet show, I thought about the iconic figure Hugo Ball, dressed in a shiny cone-shaped bishop’s outfit. I wondered what Ball, his wife Emmy Hennings, and other Zurich Dadaists of 1916 would think about the world today.


Come see our new puppet show, Flight Out of Time, this Thursday at Culture Club! Flight Out of Time (after Ball’s diaries) recreates the scene of The Cabaret Voltaire. A fantastical ending suggests a prophetic element in Ball’s prose. I developed the show with fellow artist and puppeteer Michael Cuccaro, and it includes an adaptation of Tristan Tzara’s Dada Manifesto as well as a reenactment of Hugo Ball’s sound poetry. You can even make your own puppet for the stage! Hope to see you there.